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The educational path

educational path

The mental, physical, emotional-affective, linguistic, social and cognitive development of the child: this is the main objective of the bilingual English/Italian educational path, which views the child as a hands-on participant, and active in the construction process of their intellectual assets.

Our educators are very well informed regarding the issues related to early childhood education and the evolution of the corresponding theoretical models. They have a crucial role to draw from this rich mixture of educational knowledge and apply it in the field, stimulating the growth and development through various support activities and to strengthen the resources of the individual child.

Our day care and pre-school educators construct contexts, propose materials, observe, document, welcome and make suggestions to the children. They devote time to the families through individual interviews, the "parents project" and meetings with parents in small groups.

Parents can therefore recognise the educator as a support system, helping them to face their child's early years, assisting the parents to understand them: a professional who is a true consultant in the pathway of their child's growth.

For more information about teaching and training, please contact our secretary or book an appointment with the coordinator.

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