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Educational activities

educational activities

The educational path is carried out in both Italian and in English. Our staff help your child to not only gain autonomy but also self-confidence, through the achievement, with personal timelines and ways, objectives such as: washing their hands alone, controlling sphincters, undressing and getting dressed independently, putting on and removing bib alone, sitting consisting in place, eating and drinking alone, tasting new foods and recognising foods, sleeping alone and waking up calmly without having an educator beside them.

Another important value is learning in groups: through the sharing of experiences and socialising with a group of peers, the child is stimulated to do, communicate, explore and express themselves. By means of games geared towards discovery and imitation, the child can unleash their curiosity and imagination. The educational activities are chosen and structured appropriately for the various age groups.

  • Heuristic and transmitting games: spontaneous activities of exploration, tactile pleasures, the different sensations given by the various materials, the pleasure of leaving a footprint. The educator, sitting among children, interacts with their game in a non-directive way.
  • Symbolic play - Costumes: allows children to develop their imagination and body language linked to gestures and facial expressions in imitating someone.
  • Symbolic play - Play house: recalling the domestic context strongly, encouraging imitation games and the identification of adult roles.
  • Psychomotor skills: aimed at developing the ability to perceive their own bodies, their coordination and dynamic balance and fine motor skills and understanding.
  • Painting: by means of drawing, children measure their movements in space by developing an exercise in visual-motor coordination.

For more information about teaching and training, we recommend to contact our secretary or to book an appointment with the coordinator.

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