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Cooking and nutrition

day care and pre-school nutrition

The quality of nutrition is a value that we pursue to convey the principles of healthy, fair and tasty nutrition from a very early age.

  • The meals are prepared in the internal day care and pre-school kitchen.
  • The diet is balanced, differentiated by age groups, prepared by a nutritionist and accredited by the ASL, it takes into account the seasonality of food, tradition and nutritional needs of the children.
  • The menu is inspired by the principles of natural nutrition: a variety of cereals, a strong presence of fish and vegetable protein, seasonal fruit and vegetables presented in recipes that satisfy children's tastes.
  • Development of autonomy: the teachers accompany the children, inviting them to taste without forcing them, respecting the timelines of each child and promoting the autonomy of each expression in learning and development of behaviors etc.
  • If a child has particular health needs, different diets are also offered.
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