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The program has as a general aim to improve the relational abilities of children and help them overcome any emotional and cognitive difficulties that might be detrimental, through musical experience.

Furthermore, the program is intended to develop cognitive and motor skills during the children's growth path by means of listening and music practice.

Specifically, the program is structured according to the following points:

1) Activities aimed at psychophysical relaxation by listening to songs and melodies that have functional structural features as their aim.

2) Activities aimed at the consolidation of relational abilities and seeking to improve it where emotional and cognitive difficulties emerge, which can be treated and alleviated through personalised sound dialogues that use a non-verbal mode of communication, an alternative to the word (specifically the sound dialogue is conducted by music therapist and allows each child to freely play the glockenspiel).

3) Development of creative imagination through references based on the association between sounds and images, including songs and subjects that are part of the living world (people, animals, plants, natural phenomena, etc.).

4) Development of listening skills and cognitive abilities with exercises aimed at recognition of elevation and intensity of the sounds, the sense of rhythm development and progressive acquisition and assimilation of the structural characteristics of the song form, in preparation of the expressive capacity related to intonation and sound production.

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